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My love for organic stems from my lifelong obsession with different foods and herbs and how they benefit the body. I have always been fascinated with the magic of food that can do wonders in our daily lives. Tangeloes started to help integrate different superfoods into our daily diets, which are low caloric and nutritionally high and taste best.


  • Product Of Pakistan.
  • Real Foods Accessibility.
  • Simple, Healthy Living With Sustainability.
  • Locally Grown _ Eco-Friendly Packaging _ Ethically Sourced.
  • Reduce _ Reuse _ and _ Recycle.

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Wellness Journey!

Health and Wellbeing: Achieve vitality and nourish your body. Restore and improve your quality of life.

We believe in making healthy living easy by providing better wellness.

Nourish mind, body, and soul.


The company only makes products with the finest ingredients, free from additives, artificial flavor enhancers or flavoring agents, food colors, preservatives, chemicals, hormones, bleaching agents, fillers, thickeners,  sweeteners or sugar, and even high sodium content.

ORGANIC & NATURAL GROCERIES: We Select with great care, choosing only the best natural, organic, and eco-friendly products to assist you in making the healthiest choices possible.

Check Out The Range Of Our Natural Products.

Our range is nutritious, ethically sourced, and carefully prepared.

Organic Foods: Organic Flour, Organic Grains, Organic Spices, Organic Pulses.

Super Foods: Super Dried Fruits, Super Nuts, Super Seeds, Super Sunnah, Super Powder.

Healthy Foods: Healthy Oils, Healthy Snacks, Healthy Saunf, Healthy Salad Crunch.

Natural Foods: Natural Honey, Natural Sweeteners, Natural Salt, Natural Clay, Natural Beverages.


At Tangeloes, 70% of our products are organic. None of them are stuffed with artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.


A short time ago all food was ``organic``, with REAL ingredients. We are dedicated to provide REAL FOOD back, GMO free and sustainable produced from our local suppliers to our shelves. Not only does this mean we can know exactly how it’s produced, we also know the people involved and how much they care about their work. We believe in working with our local producers to support our country.


It is Nature and nature is natural! To us, there’s no point eating something unless you enjoy it. That’s why we stock things that, quite simply, taste better.


People think that natural food is a great idea, but just too expensive. For the most part that’s not true. We aim to be as competitive as we can on price, it’s because we can buy many products direct from the suppliers that we can get even keener prices…