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Tangeloes.com  is more than a business; it’s a canvas for creativity, a platform for inspiring others to reconnect with their roots. Join us on this journey to make the world a healthier, more sustainable place, with all nourishing choices.


100% Natural

Products for a Healthier You and Planet.Our  Products Harness The Health And Eco-Conscious Customer Power.



 All Honey Products Made With Love.



To Make Healthy Living Simple Sustainable & Accessible.



Building a healthier, more sustainable future through well-being innovations.


Elevate customer well-being with preservative-free, natural flavors, and delicious choices.

Tangeloes started to help integrate different superfoods into our daily diets, which are low caloric and nutritionally high and taste best.

  • Product Of Pakistan.
  • Real Foods Accessibility.
  • Simple, Healthy Living With Sustainability.
  • Locally Grown _ Eco-Friendly Packaging _ Ethically Sourced.
  • Reduce _ Reuse _ and _ Recycle.

Our 100% Natural Products Harness The Health And Eco-Conscious
Market Potential.

Our Story

The company Tangeloes was born in 2015 of a housewife’s passion and determination to produce pure, organic goodness. Fueled by a desire to bring genuine, natural products to the world, our journey began with a unique drink infused with organic wonders like rose, saffron, and honey. In a short period of time, Tangeloes gained a devoted following. This success led to a growing product line that included honey jams, sugar-free chutneys, and more, all inspired by cherished family recipes and childhood memories. Supported by a loving family, Tangeloes flourished, focusing on quality, packaging, and customer satisfaction.
Driven by a love for Pakistan’s natural treasures, we incorporate locally sourced raw materials, such as nuts, herbs, and berries. A journey to Turkey sparked the creation of diverse tea blends, infused with flavors, essences, and natural oils.
We became a brand that champions authenticity, celebrates Pakistan’s culinary heritage, and promotes wellness through natural nourishment.
Our vision extends beyond borders, aiming to enrich the world with wholesome, organic food and healthy dietary practices. We are dedicated to supporting local organic farmers and giving back to the community.

“Our Products Harness The Health And Eco-Conscious Customer Power”.