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Strategy For Smart, Sustainable Society and Inclusive Growth

Short and Small Steps

As an individual towards a recycling society and circular economy
  • A focus on Green Growth and a Sustainable Future.
  • With Greener technologies and promote sustainable business solutions.
  • Raw Material Local> For inclusive growth built
  • Resource waste as a resource >
  • Research >
  • Rebuilt ( Eco-design innovation)>
  • Reuse or Remanufacturing>
  • Repair or Recycling> Reduce >
  • Residual waste

underdeveloped infrastructures>

. rebuilt    overdependence on natural resource> revenues    lacking market diversity    chronic poverty    being prone to political volatility and inefficient governance regimes    high levels of aid dependency.

The homesteading tutorial will help you get back to your roots. A lifestyle change and how to switch to natural products. Green beauty planet-based beauty product with natural, clean, simple ingredients with biodegradable or recyclable packages to protect our reefs and oceans, our forests and trees. Plastic packaging harms our environment. Encourage using recyclable jars or glass containers that can be upcycled for food storage by consumers. Sustainable development and Living a zero-waste lifestyle can not start at once, small steps by reducing water waste and food waste. Shop smartly my simplify needs. Excess purchase of goods and services, more than a person’s basic needs. Choose thoughtfully by trying from the ‘Try Me’ section and buy products you love and use. Buy waterless produces as water is a filler ingredient that just creates extra weight to ship and have extra shelf life and can be used alone or mixed to expand their versatility — a scrub can be used as a mask by adding rose water. Circular economy by refillable packaging and going entirely compostable.